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music videos.

Inspired by an old Kelabit love song, reimagined by a team of young Dayak creatives and friends to express their indigenous roots in this contemporary world. Drected by Sarah Lois Dorai.

The first music video in the Kelabit language. Directed by Ashley Duong.

A song to draw attention to the state of our Rivers. Directed by Din Hormatov.

Warrior Spirit depicts the courage and focus, the inner strength that we have within us, inherited from our ancestors. Directed by Sarah Lois Dorai.

Meno' is song of longing for somewhere, someone or something, sung in Kenyah language.

Gitu'an is a reminder of the lives of our ancestors, who lived in the heavens and on earth. Visuals by Max Jala.


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A video to bring the "fire" of Gawai (Harvest Festival) during the Covid-19 lockdown, sung in 9 native languages of Sarawak / Borneo.

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