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I am just a vessel, we all are.

Hi everyone, join me, the band, my team and family in looking after heritage. When we talk about cultural heritage, that includes our tangible - the bead culture, the stone megaliths, the land, the trees, the animals - and the intangible - languages, skills, values, stories, music etc. These are gifts that have been entrusted to us to look after; and to pass on to the next generations. Below are some organisations that I know closely, and resonate with. Please click on each to learn more, get involved, and donate. There are also individual villages, cases of education and medical needs, and cultural projects that need support. Do get in touch for more information on these.


Do you know that many Malaysians don't even know we have dolphins and whales in our seas? MareCet is a Malaysian non profit NGO established in 2012 committed to increasing scientific knowledge, implementing conservation actions, strengthening policies and generating awareness on marine mammals and the greater environment.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is a rehabilitation centre for orangutans, saved from trade and poachers. Located not far from my childhood home in Kuching, Sarawak, I've grown up with these orang utans, and seen their families grow. Each have a name and a character, and the rangers at the centre have been there for most of their lives too. It's really a place of love and care. Adopt an orang utan on their website.

WCS Malaysia

Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia does amazing work protecting orang utans, tigers, elephants and other wildlife in Malaysia. I grew up around my parents' friends in WCS Malaysia and was exposed to their projects, challengesm and passions as a child. They do great work and need our support.

Kanid Studio

Through Kanid Studio, we independently fund our own cultural projects, such as music research, documentation of indigenous children's songs, language projects etc. We have many visions to manifest and we are always looking for partners.

Kuching Food Aid

A community lead initiative providing food aid through supermarkets to Sarawak's most vulnerable.

Barefoot Mercy

Barefoot Mercy is a homegrown NGO working to address the urban-rural divide in living standards in Sarawak. They do a lot of good projects, my personal favourite is starting a kindergarten for and with a Penan community.

Project Ranih

A free online archive of children's songs in Kelabit language.

Persatuan Perkembangan Pendidikan Orang Pribumi Kuching, Sarawak

An association dedicated to ensuring that children in the most rural parts of Sarawak have access to better education, largely through giving training support to the local ladies to become qualified teachers.

Banking details:

PPP Orang Pribumi Kuching

511234021099 (Maybank)

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